FULFIL Chocolate Hazelnut Whip Vitamin & Protein Bar Snack 55g x 15


High protein bar with milk chocolate coating, with hazelnuts and added vitamins, with sugars and sweeteners.

FULFIL bars are high in protein, lower in sugar and are delicious and nutritious

Chocolate Hazelnut contains only 156 calories, 15g of protein, less than 2g of sugar & 9 vitamins

With an indulgent hazelnut centre covered in milk chocolate and topped with crunchy hazelnut pieces

Life’s Wonderfuel, let FULFIL bars fuel your adventures; your work day, a workout or a sofa snack

The bar that raises the bar. You don’t have to sacrifice taste or nutrition with FULFIL Vitamin and Protein Snack-Size Bars. Each 40g bar is packed with 15g protein, less than 2g sugar, and 30% the recommended daily allowance of 9 vitamins. Our Chocolate Hazelnut Whip Flavour contains an indulgent hazelnut centre covered in creamy milk chocolate and topped with crunchy hazelnut pieces. A perfect snack for chocolate lovers but with added benefits. Have you tried FULFIL bars yet? Why not give it the taste test instead of your usual granola, cereal, flapjack, supplement or healthy snack bar.

FULFIL 40g bars are a tasty, better-for you snack available in a range of exciting flavours, you just need to pick your favourite. This perfect snack size eat will fill you up and contains less than 2g of sugar and 9 essential vitamins in every bar. Whether you’re on the daily commute, grabbing a snack to finish your nutritious lunch or dashing to an evening class, FULFIL is here to fuel you along the way, with no compromise on taste. You can even enjoy them with your cup of tea or coffee on the sofa while you relax… you can dip too – we won’t judge! Life’s Wonderfuel!

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